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EcoPass on the Benefits!

If your business is located outside the three commercial districts in Boulder, BTC can provide you with information about transit pass programs for your employees. Transit passes are often the most cost-effective and valuable sustainable transportation option employers can provide to their employees.

The EcoPass is an annual RTD (Regional Transportation District) transit pass which can be used for unlimited, free rides on all local and regional bus and light rail service throughout the Boulder-Denver region. The EcoPass is purchased by employers for full-time employees, with an option to include part-time employees. The EcoPass is valid every day of the year, through December 31 of the current calendar year.

EcoPass holders are 5-9 times more likely to ride transit than non-EcoPass holders! Employees often rank EcoPasses as one of their most valuable employee benefits. Providing EcoPasses to all your employees can greatly help with recruitment and retention.

The EcoPass includes:

  • Free rides on any local or regional RTD bus or light rail route
  • SkyRide (AB) bus to/from the Denver International Airport at no additional cost
  • Boulder's Community Transit Network: HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT
  • "N" bus route to Eldora Mountain Resort
  • Light and Commuter Rail
  • Call-n-Ride Service
  • Optional Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program which provides free taxi service in the event of an emergency or an unexpected change in work schedule. (Note: There is a nominal additional cost to add the GRH program to your EcoPass contract.)

Employer Benefits

  • Effective recruiting and retention tool.
  • Reduces air pollution and traffic congestion.
  • Proven morale and productivity enhancer.
  • Reduces employer payroll taxes via employee pre-tax benefit.
  • Demonstrates commitment to improving the quality of life in the community.

Employee Benefits

  • Reduces commuting costs and hassles.
  • Increases salary by using pre-tax dollars.
  • Eliminates parking frustrations.
  • Reduces stress, tension and fatigue associated with driving alone.
  • Improves morale due to employer showing interest in employees' well-being.

EcoPass Pricing

EcoPass pricing is determined by two factors:

  1. Location of business. Review the 2024/2025 pricing chart below. Contact BCTC to determine which price zone your business falls within.
  2. Employee Count. Total number of full-time (FT) employees or total number of full- and part-time (PT) employees.

2024/2025 EcoPass Cost per Employee (For the full year)

Zone Contract minimum
(per year)
Annual Cost per
A/B $950 $30
C $950 $85

EcoPass Cost per Employee (per year)

Zone Contract minimum
(per year)
A $1,368 $68 $46
B $1,368 $64 $84
C $2,400 $128 $118
Zone Contract minimum
(per year)
A $1,368 $32 $22
B $1,368 $23 $17
C $2,400 $96 $103

For comparison, a monthly transit pass purchased individually by an employee would cost $88/month. So the EcoPass program offers employers and employees a significant cost savings! See this news post for more information about the new pricing.

The City of Boulder will provide a reimbursable discount of up to 50% for a company’s first year of a new EcoPass contract and a 25% reimbursement for the second year.* If the EcoPass contract is over $10,000, the reimbursement will be 25% for three years.

Contract Minimums:
If the total number of full-time or full- and part-time employees on payroll, multiplied by the per person rate is LESS THAN then the contract minimum, the employer pays the higher amount. No EcoPass contracts will be accepted for an amount under the contract minimum.

Pro-rated Contracts:
RTD will pro-rate EcoPass contracts started after January 1st. For example, if a business starts their EcoPass contract on April 1st, they will only be charged for 75% of the full-year contract price. The contract minimum will not be pro-rated, however.

For more information, eligibility or questions about this reimbursement, contact Boulder Transportation Connections via e-mail at

* Please note that this EcoPass reimbursement program is budget dependent and subject to change based on fiscal constraints. Receipt of a year one rebate does not guarantee that a year two rebate will be available should budget conditions change.

Benefits of Living or Working in Boulder Junction

Smiling people riding electric bikes

Boulder Junction is a special place! As the City of Boulder's first transit-oriented development, Boulder Junction is a neighborhood designed to accommodate high levels of active and shared transportation. People who live and work in Boulder Junction have access to special transportation benefits, including EcoPasses, BCycle and Colorado CarShare memberships. Residents, employees and visitors may also use limited paid on-street parking spaces at marked locations. Learn all about the city's plans and priorities for Boulder Junction here

Residents and employees of Boulder Junction receive special benefits. Taxes raised in Boulder Junction provide commuter benefits for the purpose of reducing vehicle trips. These special transportation programs are paid for by the Boulder Junction Access District (BJAD) and administered by the City of Boulder and Boulder Transportation Connections, Boulder's non-profit Transportation Management Organization (TMO).   

Boulder Junction Access District benefits include:


Free EcoPass! The RTD EcoPass is an annual transit pass that allows unlimited rides on all local and regional buses and light rail service, including to and from the Denver airport. This pass is a product of the Regional Transportation District (RTD).

How to get your free EcoPass if you live or work in Boulder Junction: Ask your residential property manager or employer to email BCTC ( verification that you are currently living or working in Boulder Junction, then complete the RTD account set-up steps sent to you by email. Once you are set up, just use your smartphone to display a QR Code that can be scanned on any RTD bus, train or validation machine at many transit stations around the region.

Colorado CarShare

Free Colorado CarShare Membership! Receive a $25 waived application fee for Colorado CarShare membership and an additional $75 in driving credit ($100 total value)! Colorado CarShare is a local, nonprofit carshare organization, providing a network of over 55 hybrid and electric vehicles throughout Boulder and Denver, including on-site at Boulder Junction. Members have 24/7 access to a variety of vehicle types that are also conveniently located near transit and bicycle facilities. Low mileage and hourly rates, with fuel, insurance and parking are included.

To get your free Colorado CarShare membership if you live or work in Boulder Junction: Apply online at and use promo code BJAD. 


Free Boulder BCycle Membership! Boulder Junction residents and employees receive FREE access to Boulder BCycle's all-electric bike share system!

To get your free Boulder BCycle Membership if you live or work in Boulder Junction: Head to to register for a free Annual Pass ($150 value) and start riding.  


The Neighborhood Eco (NECO) Pass program allows Boulder residents in nearly 50 neighborhoods to purchase a pass through their neighborhood. NECO Pass holders are able to utilize the same benefits as EcoPass holders, including unlimited rides on RTD transit services, including:

  • Any local or regional bus
  • Boulder’s Community Transit Network: HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT
  • SkyRide (AB) bus service to the Denver airport
  • “N” bus to Eldora Mountain Ski Resort
  • Light Rail & Commuter Rail
  • Call-n-Ride Service

Interested in starting a program in your neighborhood or joining an existing NECO Pass program? Find out more information on the City of Boulder's website.


RTD Mobile Ticketing App


Smaller businesses may want to consider RTD's Mobile Ticketing option as a resource for their employees. Employers deposit funds into an account for use by employees. The best part is that all transactions can be completed electronically. The RTD Partner Portal allows you to easily manage and distribute electronic tickets across your organization, and pre-tax benefits still apply.

  • Only pay for what you use
  • Pre-tax benefits for employers and/or employees
  • Partner Portal allows for management and distribution of tickets
  • Riders bypass lines and ticket vending machines
  • No paper fare products or exact change required for riders
  • Secure and safe, your phone is your pass
  • Connect to RTD’s Trip Planner and Next Ride apps


The EcoPass can only be purchased by employers for their employees. Family members are not eligible. Another program is the Neighborhood Eco (NECO) Pass Program, an annual transit pass program specifically designed for neighborhoods.

Your contract is based on the total number of employees on your payroll - not on the number of employees who will use the EcoPass. A business can choose to either include or exclude all part-time employees.

EcoPass holders are also eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. This program enables EcoPass holders who use any form of alternative transportation in their commute to work to a free taxi-ride home in the event of an emergency or an unexpected event.

Below is an average cost per mile depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

Cost of Commuting Small Sedan Medium Sedan Medium SUV (4WD) Electric Vehicle
Operating Cost
(in cents per mile)
15.67 18.22 20.25 11.36
Ownership Cost
(per year)
$4,880 $6,633 $6,931 $7,589
Total Cost
(10K mile per year)
$6,229 $8,214 $8,584 $8,356

For a small sedan, the total cost (operating, ownership, depreciation) is $6,229 per year, which breaks down to $519 per month. Under these circumstances an EcoPass pays for itself in less than one month.

For more information see AAA's "Your Driving Costs, 2021."

Your EcoPass is only good as long as you are an employed by the employer who purchased the EcoPass. All passes must be returned to your employer upon termination, or employees/employers may be assessed a fee for non-return. EcoPasses will be deactivated for all terminated or separated employees.

If you have lost your EcoPass or it is stolen, please get another EcoPass Authorization Form from your employer and bring the completed form to the RTD bus station in downtown Boulder during the posted EcoPass photo hours. An EcoPass replacement fee of $10 will be payable to RTD.

Pre-tax income is the employee's gross salary prior to calculating FICA and federal withholding taxes. Transit passes purchased by the employee with pre-tax income is deducted from their salary prior to payroll tax calculations. Pre-tax income applies only when the employee pays for all or a portion of a qualified transit benefit.

Employers are allowed to provide up to $280 per month as a tax-free transit fringe benefit to employees. A tax-free fringe benefit applies only when the employer pays all or a portion of a qualified transit benefit. Transit subsidies are business expenses for the employer, which are deductible for tax purposes. Any amount over the $280 per month per employee limit allowed by the IRS is considered taxable employee income. More information

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