Photo of bus with several people waiting to get on. Captioned 287 Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study

Boulder County Evaluates Bus Rapid Transit for Highway 287

In order to address growing transportation and air quality needs, Boulder County has worked with local municipal and agency partners in the creation of the US-287 Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study. As seen at, the study area included a “core” along US-287 from CO-66 to US-36 where both roadway investments and transit operations were analyzed. The study included additional analysis and recommendations for connecting transit to Fort Collins and Denver. 

Colorado highway 119 bikeway concept photo

Community Guides Development of CO 119 Planning Projects

Boulder County, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Regional Transportation District (RTD) have established a joint Community Advisory Committee for the Colorado Highway 119 corridor between Boulder and Longmont.  The committee is composed of 10 community members who live or work near the corridor and serves as a focus group for the development …

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