Colorado Legislature Passes Several Transportation Bills

The Colorado legislature passed several transportation-related bills this session, some of which are still currently awaiting Governor Polis’ signature. BTC and the Boulder Chamber actively supported HB1026 and SB180. Both of these bills are poised to help drive meaningful and impactful change in sustainable transportation throughout the state. 

HB22-1026: “Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit 

HB1026 will provide employers with a 50% tax credit to help offset the costs they incur to offer employees sustainable transportation options, such as transit passes, vanpool programs, electric bikes, carsharing and bikesharing programs, etc. This tax credit will significantly help incentivize employers to make their employees’ commutes more affordable and sustainable. BTC and the Boulder Chamber submitted a letter of support for HB1026 and offered amendments to expand the transportation options included in the bill. HB22-1026 fits with the Boulder Chamber and BTC’s priorities for improving equity and increasing access to sustainable transportation options. Please see the transportation section of our 2022 Policy Framework for more details. 

SB22-180: “Programs To Reduce Ozone Through Increased Transit 

SB180 will provide funding for transit agencies throughout the state, such as RTD, to offer a month of free transit, during the ozone seasons in 2022-2024. This year RTD plans to offer the Fare Free month during August. This will significantly help boost RTD’s ridership and will allow residents, employees and visitors the opportunity to reduce their transportation costs and vehicle miles traveled (VMT). BTC is excited to help support RTD in this effort later this summer. 

SB22-193: “Air Quality Improvement Investments” 

Among other things, SB193 provides $12M in funding for e-bike grant and rebate programs. Read more here: 

HB22-1028: “Statewide Regulation Of Controlled Intersections,” aka “The Safety Stop” 

This bill allows cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs and treat stop lights as stop signs. Read more here: /bike-news/colorado-safety-stop-becomes-law/ 

HB22-1104: “Powerline Trails” 

HB1104 will make it easier for communities to partner with their utility providers to build long-distance multimodal walking, hiking, and bicycling paths underneath powerlines. Read more here: 

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