Employee Transportation Coordinator

What is an Employee Transportation Coordinator?

As an Employee Transportation Coordinator, your goal is to make alternatives to driving alone available to employees. Boulder Chamber Transportation Connections is here to help you navigate the many options available for you and your employees.

Who can be an Employee Transportation Coordinator?

The role of an Employee Transportation Coordinator may be fulfilled by many people within the organization. With the exception of large businesses, is it not generally a stand alone position and is commonly incorporated into the work of: 


  • HR managers / CEOs
  • Sustainability coordinators
  • Wellness departments
  • Facilities and transportation
  • Anyone else interested in improving transportation options!

I want to get involved. What is the time commitment?

Boulder Chamber Transportation Connections will provide your organization with a 30-60 minute consultation to better understand your transportation needs. We will then provide you with tools to better assess what those needs might be, through organizational and employee surveys, and we will follow up with you and provide guidance as you move forward with a plan. 


We also invite you to join our quarterly workshops where you can learn about the latest news in transportation and share your experiences with other transportation coordinators. 


Our goal is to help you with a smooth, easy integration of transportation options for your employees. 

Workshops - Learn with Us

Boulder Chamber Transportation Connections and the City of Boulder host quarterly transportation workshops designed to network and spread the word on the latest issues, programs and insights to improve multimodal commuting in Boulder for employers and their employees.

These workshops are geared for Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETC's) representing Boulder businesses, as well as anyone interested in transportation in Boulder, sustainability or transportation enthusiasts, private and government professionals in the community, and human resources and facilities managers. Interested and community members are also welcome to attend.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to network, share ideas, and stay up to date on local transportation news.

Have an idea for a topic we should cover? Email info@bouldertc.org.

Explore our YouTube Video Channel for all the latest videos from Boulder Chamber Transportation Connections.

May 20, 2020: Bike Back to the Office Webinar

As we move back into our offices during Boulder County's "Safer at Home" phase, Boulder Chamber Transportation Connections wants to help you feel safe and comfortable on whatever mode of transportation you use.


Join BCTC staff and special guests to learn best practices for bike commuting. We discuss how to plan your trip properly, how to stay safe while riding, and other tips and tricks to make biking back to the office fun and easy.

BTC Bike Back To Work presentation

April 22, 2020: Earth Day Webinar with Boulder Chamber

BCTC team member Joan Lyons breaks down new teleworking patterns, reviews employee teleworking perceptions, and discusses ways employers can help employees and increase employee benefits through teleworking.

BTC Earth Day 2020 Zoom meeting

March 25, 2020: Zoom Tutorial

In this tutorial, viewers are walked through the key features and tools Zoom has to offer.

BTC Commuting Tutorial

March 24, 2020: Google Hangout Meets Tutorial

Join viewers to learn the basics of Google Hangouts Meet and how to leverage this teleworking tool for your organization.

BTC Tutorial about Zoom

March 23, 2020: Is Your Organization Prepared to Telework?

Get an overview of the ins and outs of preparing your organization for teleworking. Learn how to adapt the traditional strategy of implementing remote working policies and procedures to fit the immediate needs of your team.

BTC Teleworking Tutorial

5 Tips for a Successful Employee Transportation Program

Being an Employee Transportation Coordinator is a fun, creative, rewarding way to make a big impact for your employees and/or co-workers. The following are tips for being successful in this role: 

Learning about and experiencing as many transportation options in your area as possible will help you become a strong advocate and resource for your employees.  While it may not be practical for you to try out all of the transportation options available, it can be a fun adventure to try something different from your typical travel routine. Start by identifying the nearest transportation options to your workplace: How many transit stops are within walking distance from your office? Where is the closest B-Cycle station? Who knows, you might find a new commute option for yourself in the process! 

Collect as much information from your new hire as you can up front, including how they currently commute and whether or not they are interested in learning about the transportation options available to them. Not only will this help you to collect organization-wide data, but it will help you tailor the information you provide to your new employee to help them get started. Make sure that you provide either printed or digital materials as part of the onboarding information, and be sure that your new hire has your contact information for questions.

Your employees can save up to 40% in commuter costs by using pre-tax dollars for their transit, carpool, vanpool, or micromobility expenses. Educate your employees about these cost savings, which they will receive as a result of swapping driving solo for  a more eco-friendly transportation option.  Make sure employees are aware of the transportation programs your organization offers, and be sure to include these benefits in any current rewards programs you are promoting. For example, the EcoPass is a popular employee benefit in Boulder and may help you recruit and retain the best job candidates.

Join our next quarterly ETC meeting to connect with other professionals in Boulder who are also passionate about encouraging their employees to choose an eco-friendly commute. We’ll keep you informed on the best practices and latest updates on local transportation. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Boulder Transportation Connections newsletter to stay current on transportation issues, information, and opportunities in the area.

By conducting employee surveys, analyzing the data, and setting goals, you will be able to evaluate your progress in providing transportation alternatives to your employees over time. And good news! Boulder Transportation Connections is here to be your partner in conducting this analysis. Empowered by this valuable data, you will be able to show your organization’s top leadership the value of your transportation programs — and of your role as an employee transportation champion!

Share Your Success Story!

Have an Employee Transportation Coordinator success story you are particularly proud of and want to share with others? Please let us know about it. Email your story to info@bouldertc.org.

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