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Innovations in technology have provided many benefits to our modern world, including the increased ability to accomplish many activities without leaving home. We can work, attend school, go to medical appointments and group exercise classes, and even visit with friends from the comfort of our own homes. This flexibility not only allows more options for how we spend our time, but benefits our environment as well through the reduction of driving and need for travel. 


For workplaces that can support remote work/telework, there are many benefits for the employer and employee. There are also environmental benefits achieved from the reduction of travel. 

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Current remote workers in the U.S. prevent the emission of 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gases each year. To offset that same level of emissions, you would need to plant 91 million trees.

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Take Action!

Read through your company’s telework policy today. And if they don’t have one, have your HR rep contact us to learn more about the benefits.

Benefits of Telework for Employers

Increases employee productivity
Reduces spread of illness
Reduces carbon footprint and energy usage
Improves employee recruitment and retention
Improves employee morale
Reduces overhead costs
Decreases demands for office and parking space

Benefits of Telework for Employees

Lower parking and commuting expenses
Reduces carbon footprint and fuel usage
Better balance of work and personal lives
Frees up the equivalent of 15 to 25 workdays a year—time they would have otherwise spent commuting
Less commuting stress

Benefits of Telework for the Community and Environment

Reduces traffic congestion and crashes
Relieves the strain on transportation infrastructures
Reduces greenhouse gases
Saves fuel
Reduces energy use
Improves disaster preparedness

Want to Learn More about Tele-Options?

Contact us or try some of the following resources:

Way to Go, a program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), has great resources for employees and employers. Employees can learn tips for effective telework here: Way To Go: Telework; employers interested in implementing or increasing telework for their business can learn more at: Way To Go: Telework for Employers.
Check out West Corridor for current data related to telework in Colorado and additioanl resources for providing a balanced work environment, including articles touching on workspace changes and avoiding employee burnout.
LinkedIn has great articles and resources for the office related to maximizing efficiency, leading remote teams, using productivity tools, and more. Learn more at LinkedIn.

Telework Tips

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Create a designated workspace you're comfortable in.
Limit distractions in your workspace.
Define a routine and stick to it.
Set expectations about your availability.
Communicate with your colleagues.
Host regular live meetings using video conferencing.
Stay connected with colleagues on a personal level.
Take breaks during the day.
Be realistic about what you can achieve.
Create a "shut down" routine to help separate work from home life.

Learn more about telework tips at

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