North Foothills Bikeway Feasibility Study Informational Meetings

Boulder County’s Community Planning & Permitting Department invites the public to attend an in-person meeting for the North Foothills Bikeway Feasibility Study in at the Town of Lyons Public Library on Tuesday, April 30, at 6 pm. An earlier virtual public meeting is now available to view online here or below.

The purpose of North Foothills Bikeway Feasibility Study is to determine the feasibility of a bikeway along US. 36/North Foothills Highway that is separated from motorized vehicle traffic. The study is looking at the eleven miles between the City of Boulder and the Town of Lyons.

The study focuses on land that is within CDOT right-of-way. The Boulder County Transportation Planning Division is working with CDOT, County Parks and Open Space, the City of Boulder, and the Town of Lyons on the study.

The purpose of the bikeway is to improve safety and comfort for cyclists of all ages. This road has more crashes that involve cyclists than any other road in unincorporated Boulder County. The most common type of fatal or major Injury bicycle crashes are caused by a motorist rear ending a cyclist. A bikeway providing separation from motor vehicles would decrease or eliminate this type of crash on US 36/North Foothills Highway. The bikeway could also provide increased access to trails and connections to popular cycling routes along the corridor.

At the public meeting, the project team will present on the challenges and opportunities that will determine the feasibility, potential bikeway alignment(s) for further consideration, and to share potential design characteristics of the bikeway. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback at the end of the meeting. 

For more information, visit the North Foothills Bikeway Feasibility Study webpage, or contact Alexandra Phillips, Boulder County Bike Planner, at or 303-441-4520.

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