Call for Nominations for New Community Based Planning Program

DRCOG is excited to announce the launch of a new Community Based Transportation Planning program to proactively identify and help address mobility challenges for historically marginalized communities in the DRCOG MPO region. The goal of this program is to work to improve mobility options by developing Community Based Transportation Plans with communities that face transportation inequities, barriers, and challenges. Details about this program are on the DRCOG website

DRCOG is accepting nominations for the first communities for the Community Based Transportation Planning Program through December 16. A “community” could be a neighborhood, district, corridor, school zone, or a specific population within a larger geographic area.

Local jurisdictions or county governments can nominate communities that have specific transportation barriers or challenges. Eligible communities will be defined by the nominating government and should include areas with a high number of low-income people, people of color, people without access to a vehicle, people with limited English proficiency, or people with disabilities, or some combination of the above criteria. Collaboration will be key to this new program. As such DRCOG will work closely with the nominating local jurisdictions for the community-based plans. In addition, DRCOG seeks to partner with community-based organizations to directly involve the most impacted community members throughout the planning process.

Additional details about this program are in the attached Call for Nominations. Nominations are due by December 16, 2022. Community nominations can either be submitted to this online form, or by returning the attached form.

For any questions about this program, or to discuss possible community nominations, please contact Senior Mobility Planner, Nora Kern, 303-480-5622.

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