Input Requested on Funding Priorities for Sustainable Transportation Projects

The Nonattainment Area Air Pollution Mitigation Enterprise (NAAPME) and its Board of Directors are soliciting public comments to help inform funding priorities on transportation projects that will help reduce the environmental and health impacts of transportation and sustainably reduce traffic congestion in Colorado’s ozone nonattainment areas. 

The enterprise’s 10-Year Plan, to be published on June 1st, will lay out a framework for potential funding focus areas and help inform decision making for over $180 million for sustainable transportation projects. 

Please provide input by: 
1) Join the enterprise staff for an interactive conversation on May 17th at 4:00 PM.  Please register on or before 12:00 PM on May 17th:  REGISTER HERE
2) Take a quick survey on or before May 20th, to share your thoughts: NAAPME PUBLIC OUTREACH SURVEY
3) Send any thoughts directly via email to:

More information on the enterprise and its purpose can be found at the Nonattainment Area Air Pollution Mitigation Enterprise website. Please email enterprise staff with questions at

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