New Bilingual E-Bike Safety Flyer Prompts Youth to Ride Responsibly

E-bikes have become increasingly popular among young people in Boulder County, and many students are riding e-bikes to school. While e-bikes can offer students a great way to get to and from school comfortably and efficiently, some students are riding powerful throttle-assisted (Class 2) and motorized (Class 3) e-bikes.

Principals of middle and high schools in Boulder and Longmont have expressed concerns about the safety of e-bike riders and passengers, and the potential for conflicts with others on school property. This prompted the Boulder County Youth Transportation Program to convene a working group of representatives from area school districts, organizations and municipalities with the goal of creating a new youth-friendly resource about using e-bikes safely and responsibly.

BTC participated in the e-bike safety working group and helped create the flyer, which is now available to download in English and Spanish on the Youth Transportation Program website. A QR code on the flyer directs youth and their family members to more resources about e-bike safety on the Community Cycles e-bike information hub

The Youth Transportation Program website also provides information about e-bike policy in Colorado, including age requirements for using different types of e-bikes.

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