Great news for employers and workers! RTD has streamlined its EcoPass program, making it easier and cheaper than ever before to provide transit passes as a benefit.

Coupled with the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit – which cuts the cost of providing EcoPasses and other resources in half – it’s never been a better time to encourage employees to get to work by taking the bus, bicycling, or commuting together.

Starting in 2024, RTD will implement one flat-rate contract minimum price for businesses of any size. Depending on the business location, employers in the city of Boulder with more than 32 workers will pay either $30 or $85 per person for EcoPasses. Businesses with fewer than 32 employees will pay the contract minimum of $950.

Either way, employers with at least three people on staff can get reimbursed for 50% of the cost of providing passes and other alternative transportation resources by submitting Form DR 1323 with their taxes through 2024.

For more information, and to compare the 2023 and 2024 EcoPass pricing structure, go to the Transit Pass Options page of our website.

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