Boulder Vanpools Making an Impact

Minivan with Way to Go logos

In partnership with the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), Commute with Enterprise provides customized vanpool programs to employers. Through the Way to Go vanpool program, Enterprise is able to identify employees with longer and more expensive commutes to and from work, typically longer than 10 miles. They work together with local TMA’s, such as Boulder Transportation Connections, to help fill the gaps for those employees who may not live near a convenient or reliable public transit line. Vanpool programs are an effective way to improve recruitment and retention of employees, lower parking costs, and lower companies’ carbon footprint.  

The current impact of the vanpool program in Boulder from 30 vans and 152 participants is: 

  • Pounds of CO2 reduced annually: 1,910,520 
  • Parking spaces reduced: 122 
  • Total annual employee savings: $932,568 
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