Bring Back Boulder Junction Buses: Share Your Support

Help BTC petition RTD to bring the Flatiron Flyer (FF4) and Airport (AB2) buses back to the Boulder Junction/Depot Square transit station! The City of Boulder and Boulder Transportation Connections recognize the increasing need for bus service at Boulder Junction and have decided to petition on behalf of Boulder Junction residents, businesses, and stakeholders.

We have created a petition on here: Note that after you sign the petition, you must confirm your email before your signature is counted. After signing, scroll to the bottom of each subsequent page to skip the donation requests (we are not taking donations for this petition effort). Feel free to add comments about what the reinstatement of Boulder Junction bus service means to you or your business.

Please sign and share this petition as soon as possible so we can present it and the associated signatures to the RTD Board. If you would like to add more requests for bus service in Boulder, please fill out our email template here or write directly to RTD at

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