Community Guides Development of CO 119 Planning Projects

Colorado highway 119 bikeway concept photo

Boulder County, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Regional Transportation District (RTD) have established a joint Community Advisory Committee for the Colorado Highway 119 corridor between Boulder and Longmont. 

The committee is composed of 10 community members who live or work near the corridor and serves as a focus group for the development of Boulder’s Commuter Bikeway CDOT’s and RTD’s CO 119 Safety and Mobility Project. The committee ensures the projects are shaped by diverse voices from a variety of community member perspectives, including people of color, people with mobility challenges, people of all ages and abilities, people who rely upon transit, the strong and confident bike commuter and people interested in biking but who are uncomfortable biking on roads. 

Boulder County put out a call for applicants for the committee in fall 2021 and received nearly 100 applications! Anticipating meeting eight times between fall 2021 and spring 2023, the committee had its second meeting in late January where CDOT and RTD introduced the concept of queue bypass lanes. Queue bypass lanes are a roadway and traffic signal improvement that give buses the opportunity to jump ahead of general traffic at signalized intersections, making transit travel faster and more reliable. Look for more information on queue bypass lanes in future updates. Additionally, the committee provided insightful recommendations for public outreach and integration of design elements between the projects. Boulder County, CDOT and RTD look forward to continuing to collaborate on project development and appreciate the benefits that come from coordinated engagement and planning. 

Public meetings on the CDOT and RTD’s Safety and Mobility Project and the County led Bikeway project are anticipated for late June.  

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