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Provide Input on Proposed RTD’s 5-Year System Optimization Plan & Service Changes by February 9th 

Reimagine RTD is an effort to measure and forecast the evolving transportation needs of the region. This includes a historic revamp of existing services to ensure they are optimized to meet the needs of those who need them most. As part of this ongoing process, RTD released a draft System Optimization Plan (SOP) for public review.   

When complete, Reimagine RTD will identify comprehensive, forward-thinking strategies to better connect people to the places they want and need to go. They’ll review best practices from other transit agencies and technology innovators, build upon existing capital investments in the district and incorporate stakeholder and community feedback on how to allocate RTD’s resources.  

To provide input and access the online mapping tool, which represents the planned 2027 route network, go here. The tool allows you to view and comment on route recommendations.  

To view a route, type the route number in the search box and click the route highlighted on the map. 

To view current route service, type the route number in the search box, click the route highlighted on the map, and click the PDF in the information box that appears. 

To leave a comment, click on the following icon:  A picture containing text

Description automatically generated.

Then, click “RTD Public Comments” and click on the map at the location where you would like to leave a comment. 

See “How To” video on how to leave a public comment: 

English Video Spanish Video 

Input will be taken through February 9th. 

Now is your chance to make your voice heard.

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