BTC Welcomes Amanda Mansfield as New Senior Manager of Transportation

Photo of Amanda Mansfield

As Senior Manager of Transportation at Boulder Transportation Connections (BTC) and the Boulder Chamber, Amanda is excited to oversee BTC’s sustainable transportation efforts, with a particular focus on administering a world class employer-based Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program. Amanda’s commitment to environmental conservation and social equity is what led her to join the BTC/Boulder Chamber team and she looks forward to assisting us in pursuing a more sustainable transportation future for the Boulder region that improves health and mobility for all, particularly those groups that have been historically underserved. 

After receiving her BA in Anthropology from Columbia University in NYC in 2004, Amanda served as a volunteer in South Korea and Peru and then as an AmeriCorps member in Portland, OR advocating for and connecting marginalized community members with resources and services. Amanda continued her passion for public service by working on two political campaigns for progressive female candidates in Oregon and then serving as a Policy Assistant/Operations Manager for the office of then Portland City Councilwoman, Amanda Fritz. 

Amanda received her MA in City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2012. Since then, Amanda has pursued environmental sustainability and social justice-focused transportation planning, working at a consulting firm, two local municipalities, a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), a transit agency and as of December 2021, BTC and the Boulder Chamber.  

For years, Amanda has served in leadership and support roles with volunteer organizations such as the National Organization for Women, Diverse Fort Collins, the City of Fort Collins’ PRIDE Committee, and various City sustainable transportation advisory boards. Amanda, in typical Colorado fashion, loves hiking, biking and adopted dogs! She does not enjoy the taste of beer, however, but realizes that not appreciating micro-brews is a serious Colorado faux pas, and she promises to work on that personality flaw. Amanda lives in Boulder with her beloved dog baby Jenny Mansfield. 

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